Aisyah, Let Us Be Family

Aisyah Biarkan Kami Bersaudara, feature film, drama, Indonesia, 2016

DIRECTED BY: Herwin Novianto

Aisyah, Let Us Be Family

Laudya Cynthia Bella (Aisyah),
Ge Pamungkas (Jaya),
Lidya Kandau (Ratna),
Arie Kriting (Pedro)

Jujur Prananto

Edi Santoso


Girl Aisyah lives with her mother and younger brother in a village near a tea plantation. Her father died several years ago. Aisyaha graduated and needs to find a job. She wants to be a teacher and soon her wish comes true. However, her workplace is far away in a part of the country that is completely unknown to her. She feels like a stranger there and she gets mistaken for a nun because she is Muslim and wears a head cover. While she is trying to get used to the new environment where she feels isolated, the only good thing in her new life is Pedro…

color, digital, 109 min