A Canterbury Tale

feature film, humorna crime drama, UK, 1944

DIRECTED BY: Michael Powell

A Canterbury Tale

Eric Portman (Thomas Colpeper,
Sheila Sim (Alison Smith),
Dennis Price (Peter Gibbs),
John Sweet (Bob Johnson),
Charles Hawtrey (Thomas Duckett),
Esmond Knight

Michael Powell,
Emeric Pressburger

Erwin Hillier

Allan Gray

John Seabourne Sr.

A girl and two men arrive in a village in southern England. The girl is Alison Smith – a girl from London who got a job at the farm 'Land Girl'. The two men are Peter Gibbs – an Englishman who got drafted and has taken several days 'for himself' before he goes off to war and Bob Johnson – the American sergeant who was on his way to Canterbury and came to the village by mistake. On their way to the village Alison is attacked by the Glue Man, the attacker who pours glue on the hair of women. Peter, Bob, and Alison start their own investigation in order to reveal the mysterious attacker.

b/w, 124'