Four Verses of Self Pleasure

Mojarse en cuatro versos, documentary, Spain, 2021

DIRECTED BY: Heleni Smuha / Clara Ràfols Pérez

Four Verses of Self Pleasure

Clara Ràfols Pérez,
Heleni Smuha

Virginia Glessi

Carlos 'The Phonometrician' Morales

Marie Le Genissel


Seven women and one non binary person – all of different sexual orientations, age categories, and racial heritage – embark on a journey of deeper understanding regarding their relationship with masturbation. The protagonists share personal experiences orally as well as through the practice of writing, allowing them to dig deeper into their memories, emotions and personal transitions regarding a subject that for all of them has been, at some point in their lives, a taboo. The central metaphor and leitmotif of the documentary is a washing machine. Its traditional symbolism is, however, altered: it is no longer an object that represents women’s oppression through the sexist division of gendered tasks, but empowers the protagonists, allowing them to wash away the stigma and shame surrounding female sexual pleasure and instead inciting open communication on the subject.

color, 64′