The Man Who Loved Women

L' homme qui aimait les femmes, feature film, 1977

DIRECTED BY: François Truffaut

The Man Who Loved Women

Charles Denner (Bertrand Morane),
Brigitte Fossey (Genevieve Bigey),
Nelly Borgeaud (Delphine Grezel),
Genevieve Fontanel (Hélene)

Michel Fermaud,
Suzanne Schiffman,
François Truffaut

Néstor Almendros

The film begins with the funeral of Bertrand Morane, a forty year old engineer. All of his former lovers come to the funeral. During his life, Bertrand had always had women on his mind and as much as he loved them, they loved him too. Bertrand himself tells his story.

color, 120 min