Man of Marble

Czlowiek z marmuru, feature film, 1977

DIRECTED BY: Andrzej Wajda

Man of Marble

Jerzy Radziwilowicz (Mateusz Birkut / Maciej Tomczyk),
Krystyna Janda (Agnieszka),
Tadeusz Lomnicki (Jerzy Burski),
Jacek Lomnicki (Burski),
Michal Tarkowski (Wincenty Witek)

Aleksander Scibor-Rylski

Edward Klosinski

Agnieszka, a young student of directing, does research for her thesis, a documentary about a bricklayer named Birkut, a working class hero from the fifties who later vanished into thin air. During her investigation she talks to people who knew him, his wife and the director of a propaganda film about Birkut. The real lives of the hero and the people who created his image slowly begin to surface, and after some unpleasant truths replace the myths and propaganda, Agnieszka faces censorship.

35 mm, b/w and color, 165 min