The Day I Found a Girl in the Trash

Dzien, w którym znalazlem w smieciach dziewczyne, feature film, SF drama, Poland, 2021

DIRECTED BY: Michal Krzywicki

The Day I Found a Girl in the Trash

Dagmara Brodziak,
Michał Krzywicki,
Marek Kalita,
Marek Dyjak,
Weronika Humaj,
Philippe Tłokiński

Dagmara Brodziak,
Michal Krzywicki

Lukasz Suchocki

Krzysztof A. Janczak

Agnieszka Bialek


The Day... begins in 2026 when felony convicts are subjected to automation. Their heads are shaven and collars are put on their necks, injecting them regularly with the intoxicating substance that numbs their senses and clears their memory ― Vaxina. It’s a story about Simon Hertz ― once an idealist, he now falls into a depressing spiral. He announces his suicide online on his streaming channel on New Year’s Eve 2028/29. One day before the event he finds an abandoned slave-girl named Blue in the trash - and his world turns upside down.

This dystopian SF drama tells a story about our freedom, in a totalitarian society lurking from the (close) future, through the prism of love. What is worth fighting for when everything looks dark, in a world taken over by technology, resembling Orvel’s worst nightmare? Love.

color, 95'