Desant na Drvar

feature film, 1963.

DIRECTED BY: Fadil Hadžić

Desant na Drvar

Ljubiša Samardžić (Milan),
Pavle Vuisić (Vasina),
Maks Furijan (general Rendulich),
Marija Lojk (Milanova sestra),
Rade Perković

Fadil Hadžić,
Bora Ćosić

Branko Ivatović

All over Yugoslavia the Partisans resist the German occupation. Milan and his younger sister are Partisans in Drvar. She is a bit offended because Milan is overprotective and does not allow her to join the fight. At the same time, German army General Rendulitz, following Hitler’s personal command, decides to launch an attack at the partisan headquarters in Drvar and kill Tito to break the resistance.

digital, b/w, 105 minuta