Good Work

Beau travail, feature film, 1999.

DIRECTED BY: Claire Denis

Good Work

Denis Lavant (Galoup),
Michel Subor (zapovjednik Bruno Forestier),
Grégoire Colin (Gilles Sentain),
Richard Courcet (legionar),
Nicolas Duvauchelle (legionar)

Claire Denis,
Jean-Pol Fargeau (prema priči Hermana Melvillea)

Agnès Godard

In France, Galoup remembers the days he spent in Africa as a soldier in the French Foreign Legion. He was the head of the group and his life was on an exact schedule, with daily trainings and exercise. When a new member joins the troop, a young, beautiful and brave Gilles Sentain, Galoup becomes envious. He believes that Gilles will easily impress his commander, whom he thinks highly off and seeks his approval in vain.

color, 93 min