The Second Mother

Que horas ela volta?, feature film, humorous drama, 2015

DIRECTED BY: Anna Muylaert

The Second Mother

Regina Casé (Val),
Michel Joelsas (Fabinho),
Camila Márdila (Jéssica),
Karine Teles (Bárbara),
Lourenço Mutarelli (Carlos)

Anna Muylaert

Barbara Alvarez


Middle aged Val has been a live-in nanny and housekeeper in a well-off family in São Paulo for more than ten years. She has managed to achieve financial stability but in return she had to leave her daughter to relatives in northern Brazil. Fabinh, the only son of her employees, Val is like a mother, more than she is a mother to her own daughter Jéssica whom she has not seen for many years. When Jéssica lets her know that she is coming to São Paulo to take a university entrance exam, after her employees’ approval, Val lets her stay in her room. Jéssica’s arrival disturbs the long-ago established class differences and relations…

Film has both English and Croatian subtitles!

color, digital, 112 min