Year of the Dragon

feature film, action, 1985

DIRECTED BY: Michael Cimino

Year of the Dragon

Mickey Rourke (Stanley White),
John Lone (Joey Tai),
Ariane (Tracy Tzu),
Leonard Termo (Angelo Rizzo),
Raymond J. Barry (Louis Bukowski)

Oliver Stone,
Michael Cimino (based on the novel by Robert Daley)

Alex Thomson


For many years there has been a silent agreement between the police and the triads in the China Town in New York that they would not interfere in each other’s business. Chinese organized crime dealt with smaller problems in the neighborhood and in return the police left them alone. After the younger generation executes the leader of the triad, it is time for Stanley White to step up. He is an awarded policeman and a Vietnam veteran. Even though his only task is to solve a murder, he soon has a personal conflict with Joey Tai, new chief of the triad.

color, 35 mm, 134 min