Working Class Heroes

feature film, drama, Serbia, 2022

DIRECTED BY: Miloš Pušić

Working Class Heroes

Jasna Đuričić,
Boris Isaković,
Predrag Momčilović,
Stefan Beronja,
Aleksandar Đurica

Ivan Knežević,
Miloš Pušić,
Dušan Spasojević

Aleksandar Ramadanović

Jovan Obradović - Špira

Ivan Knežević,
Miloš Pušić


Lidija (Jasna Đuričić) is a cold-hearted business woman working for a construction investor of dubious morals. Lidija’s main task is to oversee the work of the illegal workers working on the construction site and protect the image of the company at all costs. In the meantime, the workers are brought face to face with the brutal reality of capitalism. Unpaid and exhausted, they have to take their fate in their own hands. When they decide to stand up for their rights, the construction site becomes the setting, where social classes and morals clash.

Five years in the making, Working class heores, starring EFA winner (for Quo vadis Aida?), Jasna Đuričić, exposes relentless corruption, capitalism and injustice in a game of “big fish eats small fish”.

color, 85’