The Games of Love and Chance

L'esquive, feature film, romantic drama, France, 2003

DIRECTED BY: Abdellatif Kechiche

The Games of Love and Chance

Osman Elkharraz (Krimo),
Sara Forestier (Lydia),
Sabrina Ouazani (Frida),
Nanou Benhamou (Nanou),
Hafet Ben-Ahmed (Fathi)

Abdellatif Kechiche,
Ghalia Lacroix

Lubomir Bakchev

Ghalia Lacroix

Krimo is nice but shy, quiet and reserved fifteen-year-old. He is in love with the extrovert peer Lydia who has the lead role in the school play. It is an adaptation of a classic from the 18th century, and Krimo joins the project to get closer to Lydia. Although his peers are suspicious of his ability, Krimo decides to try and rehearse the lead male role and thus overcomes his own insecurity, and seduce Lydia.

color, 123'