Jules and Jim

Jules et Jim, feature film, 1962

DIRECTED BY: François Truffaut

Jules and Jim

Jeanne Moreau (Catherine),
Oskar Werner (Jules),
Henri Serre (Jim),
Vanna Urbino (Gilberte),
Boris Bassiak (Albert)

François Truffaut,
Jean Gruault (based on novel by Henri-Pierre Roché)

Raoul Coutard

This is a story about an unhappy and long-lasting love triangle between two friends, Jules and Jim, and a girl, Catherine. In Paris in 1900, both young men fall in love with Catherine. She chooses the shy and conservative Austrian Jules and marries him. After WW II, they all meet again in Germany and then Catherine starts to fall in love with the extroverted Jim.

b/w, 105'