Kronika jednog zločina

feature film, 1973

DIRECTED BY: Lordan Zafranović

Božidar Jelinić,
Jadranka Vučak,
Srećko Ivančić - Juti,
Kaja Cvitić,
Hermina Pipinić...

Lordan Zafranović

Peđa Popović,
Ante Verzotti

This is an omnibus consisting of three stories, which all deal with deviations of the human psyche. In the story Waltz, we learn about the first sexual experiences of a man who attends a dancing school in Split. In the story Ave Maria a cruel crime destroys a pastoral idyll, and in the story Seas, we meet a family living on an isolated island, who go through an existential crisis that will lead to a murder.

color, 100 min