Lov na jelene

feature film, 1972

DIRECTED BY: Fadil Hadžić

Lov na jelene

Sandi Krošl (Ivan Šušnjar),
Boris Dvornik (konobar),
Miha Baloh (šef policije),
Silvana Armenulić (narodna pjevačica),
Mato Ergović (krčmar)

Fadil Hadžić

Milorad Jakšić-Fanđo

After many years, Ivan Šušnjar returns to his hometown, which he escaped from after WW II when he was the state officer of the Independent State of Croatia and feared the new Communist government. Upon his arrival, he finds out that he had been wrongly accused for being a member of Ustasha movement, and that local partisans have taken all his possessions. He wants to prove the truth and faces his enemies…

35 mm, b/w, 97 minuta