Side Street Story

Napoli milionaria, feature film, 1950.

DIRECTED BY: Eduardo De Filippo

Side Street Story

Eduardo De Filippo (Gennaro Iovine),
Leda Gloria (Amalia,
Gennarova supruga),
Delia Scala (Maria Rosaria Iovine,
Gennarova kćer),
Gianni Musy (Amedeo Iovine,
Gennarov sin),
Totò (Pasquale Miele)

Arduino Maiuri,
Piero Tellini,
Eduardo De Filippo (prema vlastitoj istoimenoj drami)

Aldo Tonti

We follow the stories of people living on a street in Naples between 1940 and 1950. Gennaro and his family try to earn a living while the governments in town change – fascists, Nazis and finally the ally forces. The black market is booming, and Gennaro’s friend Pasquale is ready to do anything to earn some money: he plays a dead man, goes to prison instead of someone else…

35 mm, b/w, 84 min