My Beautiful Laundrette

feature film, drama, 1985

DIRECTED BY: Stephen Frears

My Beautiful Laundrette

Gordon Warnecke (Omar),
Daniel Day-Lewis (Johnny),
Saeed Jaffrey (Nasser),
Roshan Seth (Hussein),
Derrick Branche (Salim)

Hanif Kureishi

Oliver Stapleton


Omar is a young Englishman of Pakistani origin who lives in London in the 1980’s during Margaret Thatcher’s reign. Omar’s father Hussein used to be a famous leftist journalist in his home country, and now dislikes England and its politics. On the other hand, Omar’s uncle Nasser did well in England and is now a successful entrepreneur. After running a few small errands for his uncle, Omar become a manger of a launderette. He offers a job to his old friend from childhood, the anarchic Englishman Johnny…

color, digital, 97 min