Night Bus

feature film, triler, Indonesia, 2017

DIRECTED BY: Emil Heradi

Night Bus

Yayu A.W. Unru (Amang),
Teuku Rifnu Wikana (Bagudung),
Edward Akbar (Yuda),
Hana Prinantina (Anissa),
Abdurrahman Arif (Idrus)

Rahabi Mandra

Anggi Frisca


A group of civilians is on a night bus to Sampar, town rich with natural resources that is torn by conflicts. Local rebels fight for independence against the military that is trying to stop their rebellion. Still the buses travel to the town and each of the passengers has his or her own reason to go to Sampar. One of them is carrying an important message and with his actions endangers all the passengers. Who will survive the trip?

color, digital, 100 min