There is a Light

Il padre d'Italia, feature film, humorous drama, Italy, 2017

DIRECTED BY: Fabio Mollo

There is a Light

Luca Marinelli (Paolo),
Isabella Ragonese (Mia),
Anna Ferruzzo (Nunzia),
Mario Sgueglia (Mario),
Federica De Cola

Fabio Mollo,
Josella Porto

Daria D'Antonio


Thirty-one year old Paolo is experiencing a personal crisis after he recently broke up with his partner who decided to start a family. He spends his days working in a furniture store and his nights in nightclubs seeking short-term entertainment. Self-destructive singer Mia, about Paolo’s age, is now homeless and pregnant after her boyfriend left her. After a chance meeting in a club Paolo decides to help her. They travel to the south of Italy in search of the child’s father.

color, digital, 93 min