When father was away on business

feature film, drama, Yugoslavia, 1985

DIRECTED BY: Emir Kusturica

When father was away on business

Moreno de Bartoli,
Miki Manojlović,
Mirjana Karanović,
Mustafa Nadarević,
Mira Furlan,
Predrag Lakovic,
Pavle Vuisić,
Slobodan Aligrudić

Abdulah Sidran

Vilko Filac

Zoran Simjanović

Andrija Zafranović

The story takes place in 1948, in the year when Tito broke free from Stalin’s politics, which resulted in a confusing and dangerous situation for many hardcore Yugoslav Communists. A reckless remark to a newspaper drawing is sufficient to put Meąa in prison. His son, Malik, tells the whole story and explains how his mother persuaded him that Meąa went away on a business trip instead of prison. In 1985, this film won the Golden Palm and the FIPRESCI award in Cannes. In 1986, it was nominated for an Oscar in the category of the best foreign film.

color, 136'