Unclenching the Fists

Razzhimaya kulaki, feature film, Russia, France, 2021

DIRECTED BY: Kira Kovalenko

Unclenching the Fists

Milana Aguzarova,
Alik Karaev,
Soslan Khugaev,
Khetag Bibilov,
Arsen Khetagurov,
Milana Pagieva

Kira Kovalenko,
Anton Jaruš with participation of Ljubov Mulmenko

Pavel Fomintsev

Mukharam Kabulova uz sudjelovanje Vincent Deyveaux


The small mining town of Mizur lies high in the mountains of North Ossetia betweensteep cliffs. Zaur has settled his family here. He keeps his sons and daughter on a    shortleash,  blind  to  the  line  that  separates  fatherly  concern  from  overprotectiveness.  Hiseldest, Akim, has already run off to the nearest city, Rostov, to find work. Meanwhile,his  youngest,  Dakko,  isn’t  entirely  sure  yet  what  he  wants  out  of  life,  while  middle child, Ada, is actively planning her own escape. Although she’s already a    young woman,her father still insists on treating her like a defenseless little girl. Freeing herself fromhis strong paternal embrace to finally embark on an independent adult life of her ownis proving tougher than she anticipated. But just what is this father trying to protecthis daughter from?

color, 97'