A Matter of Life and Death

feature film, humorous drama, UK, 1946

DIRECTED BY: Michael Powell

A Matter of Life and Death

David Niven (Peter Carter),
Kim Hunter (June),
Robert Coote (Bob Trubshaw),
Raymond Massey (Abraham Farlan),
Kathleen Byron (anđeo),
Richard Attenborough (engleski pilot),
Roger Livesey (dr. Frank Reeves)

Michael Powell,
Emeric Pressburger

Jack Cardiff

Allan Gray

Reginald Mills

Returning from an assignment in May of 1945, Peter Carter's plane is damaged. His crew have either gotten killed during the mission or have jumped out with parachutes. He gets on the radio and talks to June, an American working for the RAF, and they are quite moved by each other's voices. Carter decides to jump out with no parachute and quite unexpectedly survives. This offers him a chance to pursue the romance with the radio girl with whom he had shared his last words. However, officials in heaven discover that a mistake has occurred! Peter argues that he has a right to a second chance since the mistake was not his fault. Heaven agrees to a trial to decide his faith.

color and b/w, 104'