The History of Eternity

A história da eternidade, feature film, romantic drama, 2014

DIRECTED BY: Camilo Cavalcante

The History of Eternity

Marcelia Cartaxo (Querência),
Leonardo França (Cego Aderaldo),
Débora Ingrid (Alfonsina),
Claudio Jaborandy (Nataniel),
Zezita Matos (Dona Das Dores)

Camilo Cavalcante

Beto Martins


The inhabitants of a scorching, dusty village in the Brazilian outback have great expectations. Alfonsina's milestone 15th birthday celebration is approaching, granny Aureliana is looking forward to a visit from her grandson and the deeply sad Querência enjoys a daily serenade.
Compellingly staged and bursting with big emotions, this long-anticipated first feature from Cavalcante brings us a story about passion, desire and despair of three women of different ages living in a village in northeastern Brazil.

Film has both English and Croatian subtitles!

color, digital, 121 min