Macadam Stories

Asphalte, feature film, humorous drama, France, 2015

DIRECTED BY: Samuel Benchetrit

Macadam Stories

Isabelle Huppert,
Gustave Kervern,
Valeria Bruni Tedeschi

Samuel Benchetrit

Pierre Aïm


A building in a planned neighborhood. One broken elevator. Three meetings. Six faces. Will Sternkowitz stand up from his wheelchair to flirt with the nurse in the night shift? Will the lonely teenager Charly find a role for Jeanne Meyer, popular actress from the 1980’s? What will become of the astronaut John McKenzey who found his home with Mrs. Hamida upon his return to Earth? Macadam stories are stories about intertwined destinies and all that makes us human beings: our faults, traits, dreams and hopes.

The film won the French film award César for best adapted screenplay in 2016 and the audience’s award at last year’s Festival of Mediterranean Film in Split.  

color, digital, 100 min