Dirty Feathers

documentary, USA, Mexico, 2021

DIRECTED BY: Carlos Alfonso Corral

Dirty Feathers

Brandon Ashford,
Reagan Ashford,
Carlos Gutierrez,
Ashley Mistral,
Nathan Thomas

Carlos Alfonso Corral

Nini Blanco

Cameron Wheeless


With two homeless lovers’ journey as the through-line, Dirty Feathers weaves in and out of an overwhelmed shelter and a forsaken landscape with fervent echoes of the unheard and neglected: a grieving father who lost his child is paralyzed by unshakable guilt; a veteran living under a bridge recalls his past glory serving the very country that has long abandoned him; and a 16 year old girl who has seemingly transcended trauma embraces life on the streets with a holy righteousness, becoming the haunting conscience of the film.

b/w, DCP, 75’