Esa mujer

feature film, 1969.

DIRECTED BY: Mario Camus

Esa mujer

Sara Montiel (Soledad Romero Fuentes),
Ivan Rassimov (Carlos Alcántara),
Cándida Losada (Madre Lucía),
Marcela Yurfa (Madre San Pablo),
Hugo Blanco (Javier)

Antonio Gala

Christian Matras

Local peasants attack the missionary and nun, Sister Soledad Romero in her convent. She ends up pregnant but has a stillborn child. Devastated by the events she leaves her convent and over the course of time overcomes her miseries with the help of songs. At the moment when it seems that she has found the man of her dreams, the past catches up to her…

35 mm, color, 104 min