At War With Love

In guerra per amore, feature film, humorous drama, Italy, 2016

DIRECTED BY: Pif (Pierfrancesco Diliberto)

At War With Love

Pif (Arturo Giammaresi),
Miriam Leone (Flora),
Andrea Di Stefano (Philip Chiamparino),
Stella Egitto (Teresa),
Vincent Riotta (James Maone)

Michele Astori,
Marco Martani

Roberto Forza


Love story set in the time of the WW II when the allied forces arrive to Sicily. Arturo is in love with Flora, daughter of a restaurant’s owner who is forced to marry a mafia boss. Arturo decides to join the allies and return to Sicily from America where he went to looking for a better life. Behind the main story the films cleverly portrays the relationships between the allied forces and the mafia during the WW II that determined Sicily’s destiny in the coming years.

color, digital, 99 min