Stolen Kisses

Les baisers volés, feature film, 1968

DIRECTED BY: François Truffaut

Stolen Kisses

Jean-Pierre Léaud (Antoine Doinel),
Delphine Seyrig (Fabienne Tabard),
Claude Jade (Christine Darbon),
Michael Lonsdale (Georges Tabard)

François Truffaut,
Claude de Givray,
Bernard Revon

Denys Clerval

In 1968, Antoine is discharged from military and returns home to Paris. He meets Christine Darbon, who he has been in love before, and goes to her parent’s house for dinner. Thanks to her father he gets a job in a hotel, but soon is fired. Afterwards he starts to work in a detective agency and then in a shoe store. At the same time he develops his relationship with Christine.

color, 90 min