Confidentially Yours

Vivement dimanche!, feature film, 1983

DIRECTED BY: François Truffaut

Confidentially Yours

Fanny Ardant (Barbara Becker),
Jean-Louis Trintignant (Julien Vercel),
Jean-Pierre Kalfon (Massoulier),
Philippe Laudenbach (Maitre Clement)

Jean Aurel,
Suzanne Schiffman,
François Truffaut (prema romanu Charlesa Williamsa)

Néstor Almendros

This is François Truffaut’s last film starring Jean-Louis Trintignant. He plays Julien Vercel, a real estate agent who is the prime suspect for the murder of Claude Massoulier. When the police find out that Vercel’s wife was Massoulier’s lover, Julien will be in trouble. His secretary, Barbara, starts her own investigation in order to find the real murderer…

b/w, 110 min