Masayuki Akehi

17.03.1932, Ehime, Japan


Akehi joined the animation studio Toei Doga in early 1960s. He soon started directing various anime TV series. His first feature-length anime film was Cyborg 009 gekijô ban: chô ginga densetsu (1980). He also directed anime films Sen-nen joô (Queen Millenia, 1982), based on the manga and TV series with the same title, and Saint Seiya: Saishûseisen no senshitachi (Warriors of the Final Holy Battle, 1989), fourth from the Saint Seiya series of films.


Films by this director

Cyborg 009

(Cyborg 009 gekijô ban: chô ginga densetsu, 1980.)

Directed by: Masayuki Akehi

The film is based on an anime TV series, originally shown in black & white in late 1960s and in colour in late 1970s. The main characters are a galactic legion of nine cyborgs, each with their own special powers. After having lived peacefully for some time, they are back in action upon hearing about the evil conqueror Zoe. Lead by cyborg 009, they fight to save the universe.

35 mm, color, 130 min
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