Alex Bowen

10.01.1967, Viña del Mar, Chile



Director and producer of TV series and feature films, born as Alex Rodrigo Bowen Carranza. He studied film at the University of Chile and since the 1990’s he has been producing for TV. Afterwards, he founded his own production house and made his directing debut in 2000 with the film Campo minado, nadie vuelve intacto. Afterwards he directed the anti-war drama My Best Enemy (Mi mejor enemigo) shot in Patagonia whose story takes place in the 1970’s, at the time of conflict between Chile and Argentina, and was well accepted at international film festivals. Afterwards he continued to direct and produce TV series and in 2013 became the director of drama program, at the Chilean national television.


Films by this director

My Best Enemy

(Mi mejor enemigo, Chile, 2005)

Directed by: Alex Bowen
PHOTOGRAPHY: José María Hermo, Patricio Riquelme

In the 1970’s Chile and Argentina were close to starting a war on account of several islands in the south of the continent. In order to be safe in case a war breaks out, both sides send their military patrols to the border. Thus men, who have never before taken part in combat, who don’t know what to expect and who are not even sure where the real borders between the countries are, find themselves in the grassy pampas. A group of Chilean soldiers get lost and soon meet an Argentinian...

color, digital, 104 min
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