Vicente Aranda

09.11.1926, Barcelona


Aranda is a Spanish director and screenwriter, who made his debut with the film Left-Handed Fate (Fata Morgana, 1965). He also made Girl with the Golden Panties (La muchacha de las bragas de oro, 1980), Lovers (Amantes, 1991), which won the Goya Spanish film award in 1992, and Intruder (Intruso, 1993), Freedomfighters (Libertarias, 1996), Mad Love (Juana la Loca, 2001) and Carmen (2003).


Films by this director

Mad Love

(Juana la Loca, 2001)

Directed by: Vicente Aranda

This is a biography of the Spanish queen Juana la Loca, who lived at the end of the 14th century. Even though her marriage to the Austrian prince Fernando was agreed upon for political reasons, passion arises between them. After her mother and brother’s death, Juana becomes the Spanish queen. Juana soon becomes desperate because of her husband’s adultery, and her mental health worsens. After a series of political slanders, Juana gets locked up in a convent and declared crazy… In 2002, Pilar Ló...

color, 115 minuta
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