Anu Aun


Redateljica, producentica i scenaristica. Suosnivačica produkcijske kuće Luxfilm. Njezini kratki filmovi prikazani su na festivalima u Clermont-Ferrandu, Tampereu i Montrealu. Godine 2016. snimila je prvi dugometražni film, Polaarpoiss. Eia i sove njezin je drugi cjelovečernji film.


Films by this director

Phantom Owl Forest

(Eia jõulud Tondikakul, Estonia, 2018)

Directed by: Anu Aun

At the heart of this adventure family motion picture is ten-year-old Eia whose parents are always too busy to find time for her. As Christmas approaches and they need to leave for a business trip, Eia is sent to the south of Estonia to spend winter holidays at a remote farm of an elderly forest keeper. To our city girl, the new surroundings seem like a godforsaken place. But, at the big estate enshrouded by the mysterious forest, Eia will discover the wonders of nature and animals in the wild, a...

color, 90'
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