Jun Awazu

Aichi, Japan, 1974


Awazu is a Japanese director, screenwriter, producer and editor. After graduation at the Achi University for Applied Arts and Music, he got a job in the production house Malin Post Productions as an artist for visual effects. After working on several films, in 2003 he founded his own production company in order to make the short feature Wakusei daikaijû Negadon (The Monster from Mars, 2005), which took him two years. It is an homage to the Kaiju genre of films from the 1950’s and 1960’s but done in a contemporary style and in the anime version. Afterwards, he continued to work on video games and films as an independent artist. His second film is the medium-length anime Puranzetto (Planzet, 2010).


Films by this director


(Puranzetto, 2010.)

Directed by: Jun Awazu

In 2047, the aliens arrive to Earth and destroy all major cities. The surviving people slowly recover, unite and build the Diffusor for their protection. Thus, they achieve temporary peace with the aliens called FOS. Now it is 2053 and the people are preparing for the final counter-attack against FOS, which may cause great danger as it requires a temporary shutdown of the Diffusor. A soldier of the planetary defense is eager to get his revenge...

digital, color, 53 min

Negadon: The Monster from Mars

(Wakusei daikaijû Negadon, 2005.)

Directed by: Jun Awazu

This is a modern homage to the Kaiju genre of films from the 1950’s and 1960’s, done in the contemporary style and in the anime version. In the future, in 2025, humans have started a space project of research Mars. When a cargo-spaceship Izanami crash-lands on Eaart, it unleashes a giant monster from Mars. It is up to Dr. Narasaki, robotic scientist who is still recovering from the loss of his daughter, to save the Earth.

digital, color, 25 min
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