Reza Bagher

10.03.1958, Teheran, Iran


Bagher is a director and screenwriter. Originally from Iran, Bagher came to Sweden in 1976. He studied engineering but after just a few months of work he decided to become a film director. Therefore he enrolled in the National Academy for Drama Arts Stockholm. From 1982 to 1999, he directed many short films and in 2000 made his first feature film Wings of Glass (Vingar av glas, 2000). Three years later he made his next feature film the drama Capricciosa (2003) and then his most recent film to date Popular Music (Populärmusik från Vittula, 2004).


Films by this director

Wings of Glass

(Vingar av glas, 2000)

Directed by: Reza Bagher
PHOTOGRAPHY: Håkan Holmberg

The themes of this film about a Muslim family are generational and cultural differences. The father Abbas’ biggest concern in life is to marry his daughter to a suitable Muslim man. His eighteen-year-old daughter Nazli has spent her entire life in Sweden and does not show any interest in her cousin Hamid, who has been selected as her future husband by her father. She cares more for Johan, a typical Swedish boy.

color, 35 mm, 105 min
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