Nic Balthazar

24.07.1964, Ghent, Belgium


After graduation, Nic Balthazar worked as a film and theatre critic for newspaper and radio and then became a TV journalist, director and talk show host. He published a short story “Niets was alles wat hij zei”, which he later adapted for the theatre, then into a screenplay and finally a film under the title Ben X (2007). This was his directing debut. Afterwards he made a short feature about the dangers of global warming The Big Ask (2008) and its sequel The Big Ask Again: Dance for the Climate (2009).


Films by this director

Ben X


Directed by: Nic Balthazar
PHOTOGRAPHY: Lou Berghmans

Ben is an autistic boy who lives in his own world. He spends time playing his favorite online game ArchLord, which helps him maintain the sort of control over life that he does not have in reality. In school, bullies terrorize him - but soon he gets an offer for help from Scarlita, his partner in the game.

color, 35 mm, 93 min
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