Tom Barman

01.01.1972, Antwerpen, Belgium


Tom Barman has been the lead singer of the band dEUS since 1989 and it is because of his passion for music that he never finished film school, where he had been enrolled in Bruxelles. He directed musical videos for dEUS and some other bands and the short feature film Turnpike (1996). He directed and wrote the screenplay for his only feature film Any way the wind blows (2003).


Films by this director

Any way the wind blows


Directed by: Tom Barman
PHOTOGRAPHY: Renaat Lambeets

We follow the lives of several people during a summer’s day in Antwerpen. We meet Natalie and her brother Chouki who are recovering from their father’s death, Natalie’s boyfriend Walter and his ex-girlfriend Lara, gallery security man, teacher in an unhappy marriage, two young men from Ghent and Windman who is a separate story. At the end of the day all the characters meet at a party…

color, 35 mm, 127 min
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