Bruno Barreto

16.03.1955, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil


Barreto is a Brazilian director, screenwriter and producer. He made his first feature film A Estrela Sobe (1974) at the age of nineteen. His comedy Dona Flor e Seus Dois Maridos (1976) was his most successful film ever. He also made less famous films such as Amor Bandido (1979), O Beijo no Asfalto (1981), Gabriela, Cravo e Canela (1983), Além da Paixão (1985) and Romance da Empregada (1987). He also made the political thriller A Show of Force (1990), TV film The Heart of Justice (1993 and the romantic comedy Carried Away (1996) in American production. He made his next film, the thriller Četiri dana u rujnu (O Que é Isso, Companheiro?, 1997), in Brazilian-American co-production and it was a candidate for an Oscar in the category of Best Foreign Film. He then made One Tough Cop (1998) in American production, the successful Brazilian romantic comedy Bossa Nova (2000) and, his most popular film to date, View from the Top (2003), a light comedy starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Christina Applegate. His latest three films are Vjenčanje Romea i Julije (O Casamento de Romeu e Julieta, 2005), Caixa Dois (2007) and Última Parada 174 (2008) based on a true story.


Films by this director

Bossa Nova

(Brazil, 2000)

Directed by: Bruno Barreto
PHOTOGRAPHY: Pascal Rabaud

This romantic comedy takes place in Rio de Janeiro. Mary Ann is a professor of English who gives private language lessons to a young soccer player who will soon go to England and play for an English soccer team. Her friend Nadine is having an online romance with Gary, an artist from New York. Nadine decides to visit him. There is also the freshly divorced lawyer Pedro...

digital, color, 95 min

Romeo and Juliet Get Married

(O Casamento de Romeu e Julieta, Brazil, 2005)

Directed by: Bruno Barreto
PHOTOGRAPHY: Adriano Goldman

While in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, quarreling families tore apart Shakespeare’s lovers, in this film their main obstacle is soccer! Julieta is the daughter of Alfredo Baragatti, management board member of the soccer club Palmeiras. After the game, she meets an ophthalmologist Romeo, who is a fan of the rival soccer club Corinthians. Of course Julieta and her entire family are fans of Palmeiras. Will love or soccer win?

digital, color, 90 min

Money on the Side

(Caixa Dois, 2007.)

Directed by: Bruno Barreto
PHOTOGRAPHY: José Roberto Eliezer

The corrupt director of a federal bank Luiz Fernando; The faithful bank manager Roberto who has worked for twenty-five years; His wife, teacher Angelina and son Henrique with his girlfriend Angela, Luiz Fernando’s secretary; A suspicious business man Carlão and his assistant Romeiro… All are involved in this story about a “dirty” check. However, a twist of fate changes all of their plans and sets the story in motion.

color, digital, 90 min

Posljednja postaja 174

(Última Parada 174, Brazil/France, 2008)

Directed by: Bruno Barreto
PHOTOGRAPHY: Antoine Héberlé

Film je temeljen na stvarnom događaju iz 12. lipnja 2000. godine kada je u Rio De Janeiru otet gradski autobus broj 174. U Brazilu je taj događaj bio uživo praćen, ostavši u snažnom kolektivnom sjećanju. Film prati život Sandra, dvadesetdvogodišnjaka koji je oteo autobus i putnike. Još kao dijete, Sandro je ostao bez majke te većinu života proveo na ulici, okružen drogom, nasiljem, bez prave prilike za pošten život.

color, digital, 104 min
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