Dekel Berenson


His work in writing, activism, and graphic design has taken him all over the world. His passion is making films that bring to light real-world social and humanitarian issues. Ashmina is his second film (Krakow Film Festival – Best Short Film). His third short film, Anna (2019), premiered in competition at Cannes.


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(Nepal, UK, 2018)

Directed by: Dekel Berenson

Thirteen-year-old Ashmina lives with her parents on the outskirts of the Nepalese town of Pokhara. The town is overrun by tourists looking for paragliding adventures, leaving a strong mark on the local community. Forced to miss school to help sustain her family, Ashmina works as a parachute rigger to get a few pennies from the tourists. The film won the Best Film Award at Krakow Film Festival. Subtitles: HR, EN

color, 15'
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