Gunnar Bergdahl

Stockholm, Švedska


Gunnar Bergdahl was born in 1951 in Stockholm. He is primarily a film director
and producer, but is also known as a film critic. He studied journalism. In 1989
he started a film magazine, Filmkonst. He has been a director of the
Göteborg film festival since 1994. Since its premiere at the Venice film
festival in 1997, his documentary film Bergmans röst (The voice
of Bergman
) was screened at more than 80 international film festivals.


Ingmar Bergman; intermezzo (2002)
Ljudmilas röst (2001)
Bergmans röst (1997)
A Conversation with Ingmar Bergman (1997)

Films by this director

The voice of Bergman


Directed by: Gunnar Bergdahl

The intention of this documentary was to let Ingmar Bergman speak. In the 87-minute-long interview he talks about his relationship with film art, music, and the magic of closeness. He describes his passion for making films and film artists. The film is a journey into the heart of one of the greatest artists of all times. The film does not feature any film clips from Bergman’s films, nor is there any musical background. The only sound heard is Bergman’s voice.

color, 87 min



Directed by: Gunnar Bergdahl

An interview with Ingmar Bergman in which he talks about films, film creation, Strindberg, the magic of theatre, getting old and death.

color, 40 min
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