Carles Bosch


Carles Bosch

Bosch is a director, producer and screenwriter. He made two feature documentaries Balseros (2002) about Cuban immigrants to America, and Septiembres (2007) which is about inmates in a Madrid prison. He co-directed Balseros in 2002 with Josep Maria Domenech, which is sort of a sequel to the short documentary they made in 1995 for the TV show Thirty Minutes. As a long-time reporter for that show, Carles Bosch reported from the Gulf War, Bosnia, Kosovo and the Zapatista revolution. In 2004 Balseros (2002) was nominated for an Oscar.

Josep Maria Domenech

Domenech is a Spanish cinematographer and co-director of the feature documentary Balseros (2002).


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Directed by: Carles Bosch
PHOTOGRAPHY: Josep Maria Domčnech

In the summer of 1994, two Spanish TV reporters interviewed seven Cubans and their families just before they embarked on a dangerous boat trip to the USA. Seven years later they found the survivors in the American refugee camp in Guantánamo. While their families in Cuba have no news of them, the film portrays the refugees’ lives, which turned out to be far from the desired “American dream”.

color, digital, 120 min
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