Darren Bousman

11.01.1979, Overland Park, Kansas, USA


Bousman is an American director and screenwriter. He graduated from the Full Sail University in Florida. Trying to find a sponsor to shoot a film based on his screenplay The Desperate he experienced the critique that the film would be too violent and similar to Saw, (2004). Shortly before the sequel to the original Saw film, the studio considered rewriting the script for The Desperate into its sequel. Bousman agreed and directed the feature Saw II (2005) and thanks to its success also the third and fourth films (Saw III, 2006; Saw IV, 2007) in the series. Afterwards he directed the sequel to the TV horror series Fear Itself titled New Year's Day (2008) and the horror musical Repo! The Genetic Opera (2008) based on his own short film from 2006. In 2010, he made the remake of the thriller Mother's Day from 1980 and he is currently working on horrors 11-11-11 and Ninety.


Films by this director

Saw II


Directed by: Darren Bousman
PHOTOGRAPHY: David A. Armstrong

Following a clue, detective Eric Matthews and the rest of his team come to an abandoned steel factory. There they find John Kramer, weak from cancer. He is surrounded by monitors and the police realize that he is holding eight hostages in an unknown location where a poisonous gas is slowly leaking. The antidote is available but hidden behind many traps. Among the hostages is Eric’s son Daniel.

digital, color, 93 min
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