Massimiliano Bruno

04.06.1970, Rome, Italy


Bruno is an Italian screenwriter, actor and director. He started to act in smaller roles in late 1990’s. In 2004, he began working as a screewriter and his directing debut was the comedy Escort in Love (Nessuno mi può giudicare, 2011). Afterwards, he directed two more comedies Viva l'Italia (2012) and Confusi e felici (2014). He is currently working in post-production on his feature film Gli ultimi saranno ultimi (2015). Besides on film, he also works as a playwright in theatre.


Films by this director

Confusi e felici


Directed by: Massimiliano Bruno
PHOTOGRAPHY: Alessandro Pesci

This comedy shows that psychotherapists also need help sometimes. Marcello has a diverse group of patients: Nazareno is a drug dealer suffering from panic attacks. Bus driver Pasquale is addicted to food and his mother, Vitaliana is a nymphomaniac who thinks she fell in love with Marcello, and Betta and Henry do not feel passion for each other anymore. Sports commentator Michelangelo has anger problems after his wife cheated on him and Marcello himself becomes depressed after he gets some news f...

color, 105 min
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