Franco Brusati

04.07.1922, Milano


Brusati graduated with a degree in law and worked as a journalist. He started to work in film by collaborating with Camerini, Lattuado and Rossellini. His directing debut was Il padrone sono me (1956). His most noted films include Bread and Chocolate (Pane e cioccolata, 1973) and To Forget Venice (Dimenticare Venezia, 1979), which was nominated for an Oscar in the category of Best Foreign Film. His other films are Disorder (Disordine, 1967), Tulips of Haarlem (I tulipani di Haarlem, 1969), The Good Soldier (Il buon soldato, 1982).


Films by this director

Bread and Chocolate

(Pane e cioccolata, 1973)

Directed by: Franco Brusati
PHOTOGRAPHY: Luciano Tovoli

This is a bitter comedy about an Italian guest worker in Switzerland and his inability to adapt to Swiss temperament and laws. The worker, played by Nino Manfredi, is constantly in conflict with the police and the calm Swiss because of his uncontrollable temperament.

color, 115 min
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