Adrián Caetano

Montevideo, Uruguay


Gay is a director and screenwriter, born in 1967 in Barcelona, Spain. He made his debut co-directing the feature film Hotel Room (1998), for which he wrote the screenplay, with Daniel Gimelberg. After that, he was one of the screenwriters and directors of the TV series Polar (1999). He directed the acclaimed feature film Nico and Dani (Krámpack, 2000), the drama In the City (2003), Fiction (Ficció, 2006) and the comedy V.O.S. (2009).


Films by this director

Red Bear

(Un oso rojo, 2002.)

Directed by: Adrián Caetano
PHOTOGRAPHY: Willi Behnisch

Oso (Bear) is convicted sentenced to prison for robbery and murder. After seven years in prison, he is released and realizes that he has lost his family. His daughter Alicia, who was only a year old at the time he committed the crime, grew up without her father and his wife Natalia lives with another man. Nevertheless, Oso is determined to reclaim his family and leaves for Buenos Aires. Besides his family, his former boss whom he owes money from the robbery is also there.

digital, color, 95 min
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