Eliane Caffé


Caffé (Săo Paulo, Brazil, 1961) is a Brazilian director and screenwriter. She made her debut with the short film O nariz (1988) and afterwards Arabesco (1990) and Caligrama (1996). Kenoma (1998) and The Storytellers (Narradores de Javé, 2003) are so far her only two feature films.


Films by this director

The Storytellers

(Narradores de Javé, 2003)

Directed by: Eliane Caffé
PHOTOGRAPHY: Hugo Kovensky

A small village called Javé is in danger of getting flooded because of plans to build a dam for a hydroelectric power plant. In order to save their village the inhabitants decide to prove the historical importance and significance of their village. Since most of them are illiterate they are forced to ask help from Antônio Biá, a local postman who nobody likes because he once sent fake letters to the villagers in order to save his job.

digital, color, 100 min
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