Silvio Caiozzi

03.07.1944, Santiago, Chile


Caiozzi is a Chilean director of photography, director, screenwriter and producer. He graduated with a degree in communications from Columbia College in Chicago in 1967. Since 1969, he has worked as director of photography on ten films and later directed musicals, comedies, documentaries and TV shows. He produced and directed the feature film Julio comienza en julio (1977), directed Historia de un roble solo (1982), La luna en el espejo (1990), short documentary Fernando ha vuelto (1998), feature films Coronación (2000) and Cachimba (2004).


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Directed by: Silvio Caiozzi

Marcos is a bank clerk who is unhappy with his existence. He gets an opportunity to change his life during a romantic weekend with his girlfriend when he discovers the works of a talented Chilean painter. Thrilled with the paintings he has found, he sets off on a mission to find more works by the genius painter. He will encounter many obstacles such as bureaucracy, corruption, and the hypocrisy of the art world and institutions, as well as his colleagues’ sneering condescension.

color, digital, 135 min
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