Mario Camus

20.04.1935, Santander, Spain


Camus is a Spanish director and screenwriter. He studied law for a short period of time and gave it up to study film. In 1962, he graduated with the short film El borracho. In early 1960s he co-wrote several screenplays with Carlos Saura and directed his own short films. In 1963, he made his directing debut with Los farsantes (1963), followed by Young Sánchez (1964). He is most famous for his films The Beehive (La colmena, 1982) that won the Golden Bear in Berlin in 1983 and The Holy Innocents (Los santos inocentes, 1984) that won the special jury’s award in Cannes in 1984. His other films are With the East Wind (Con el viento solano, 1966), Revenge of Trinity (La collera del vento, 1970), The Days of the Past (Los días del pasado, 1978), The House of Bernarda Alba (La casa de Bernarda Alba, 1987), Shadows in a Conflict (Sombras en una batalla, 1993), Suburbs (Adosados, 1996), The Color of the Clouds (El color de las nubes, 1999).


Films by this director

The Holy Innocents

(Los santos inocentes, 1984)

Directed by: Mario Camus

Paco and Régula are a poor married couple who work on a rich marquise’s farm. They have four children, one of their daughters is retarded and the other two work on the farm instead of going to school. Nieves works as a maid and plans to move to the city and go to school. Her brother Quirce plans to leave the farm as well. Their brother Azarias spend his time taking care of the birds.

b/w and color, 107 min

Esa mujer


Directed by: Mario Camus
PHOTOGRAPHY: Christian Matras

Local peasants attack the missionary and nun, Sister Soledad Romero in her convent. She ends up pregnant but has a stillborn child. Devastated by the events she leaves her convent and over the course of time overcomes her miseries with the help of songs. At the moment when it seems that she has found the man of her dreams, the past catches up to her…

35 mm, color, 104 min

Boja oblaka

(El color de las nubes, 1997.)

Directed by: Mario Camus
PHOTOGRAPHY: Jaume Peracaula

Životi nekolicine likova isprepliću se kroz četiri različite priče koje povezuje mjesto radnje, priobalni gradić na sjeveru Španjolske. Lola tvrdoglavo odbija napustiti dom u kojem živi već godinama, iako je sin uporno pokušava iseliti. Uz pomoć nećakinje Clementine, planira udomiti bosansku izbjeglicu, a Bartolomé, čiji su se roditelji rastali, navede Lolu da pomisli kako je on dječak kojeg čekaju. Tu je i izgubljena pošiljka droge na koju nailazi ribar Colo...

digital, color, 110 min
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