João Canijo


Canijo is a Portuguese director and screenwriter born in Porto in 1957. From 1980 to 1985 he worked as an assistant director to Manoelo de Oliveira, Wim Wenders, Alain Tanner and Werner Schroeter. He made his feature film debut in 1988 with Tręs Menos Eu snima. After his next film Filha da Măe (1990) he made TV series for a while. He directed his third feature film Sapatos Pretos in 1998. He also made Ganhar a Vida (2001), Noite Escura (2004), which won the Golden Globe as Best Film. His last film so far is Mal Nascida (2007).


Films by this director

Lovely Child

(Filha da Măe, Portugal, 1990)

Directed by: João Canijo
PHOTOGRAPHY: José Luís Carvalhosa

Maria grew up without a father and she does not like her mother. Her boyfriend Adriano is a thief. Maria’s mother is a rich actress with a lover. He is an actor as well as an addict torn between love towards her and another woman. Suddenly, Maria’s father turns up and thing get complicated.

digital, color, 105 min
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