Gérard Corbiau

19.09.1941, Bruxelles


Gérard Corbiau is a Belgian director and screenwriter. He studied direction at the IAD (Institut des arts de diffusion), and in 1968, began working at Belgian Radio and Television. In 1989, he made his feature film debut The Music Teacher (Le maître de musique). Afterwards, he made the drama L' année de l'éveil (1991), Farinelli (1994) about the famous singer, which won the Golden Globe in 1995 as Best Foreign Film, documentary Versailles, la visite (1999), historical drama Le roi danse (2000) and the historical TV film Saint-Germain ou la négociation (2003).


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Directed by: Gérard Corbiau
PHOTOGRAPHY: Walther van den Ende

The film is based on the story of the famous 18th century castrati Carl Broschi, better known as Farinelli. He was castrated as a young boy so his voice would not deepen. After lots of practice and hard work he became an extraordinary and esteemed singer. In the beginning of his stellar career, at his father’s command, he sang only his moderately talented brother’s songs, which rather inhibited his talent.

color, 111 minuta

The Music Teacher

(Le maître de musique, 1989.)

Directed by: Gérard Corbiau
PHOTOGRAPHY: Walther van den Ende

Joachim Dallayrac, a well-known opera singer, shocks the public when he announces his retirement. He retreats to a farm and devotes his time to teaching a young singer, Sophie. He meets a young thief named Jean whose voice enchants him and starts teaching him as well. The two singers soon apply to compete at the singing competition of Joachim’s old rival.

color, 35 mm, 100 min
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